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What is a tiny house and the tiny house movement?

Auburn, MA | August 26, 2019

The tiny house movement is an architectural and social movement that promotes a simple life in a smaller space with a focus on financial prudence, community, and a shift to less "stuff".

A tiny home is generally defined as a residential structure that is under 400 square feet. Tiny homes can be built on foundations, but they are more commonly built on trailers. Tiny houses on wheels (THOW) are growing in popularity and are often compared to RVs. However, tiny houses are built with traditional building materials are built to last as long as traditional homes. Furthermore, due to their construction materials, tiny homes have the styling and look of a traditional house.

Tiny houses are generally less expensive larger homes regarding taxes, heating, maintenance and repair cost. The smaller size also dictates more simple and less cluttered lifestyle. A typical tiny house on wheels is often 8 ft by 20 ft. Small houses often flaunt their creative use of space and design using multi-purpose features and furniture, unique cabinetry, and space-saving appliances.

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