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Utilities for a Tiny House

Auburn, MA | August 26, 2019

Most tiny houses get their utilities through a provider, which is the same as an RV or a traditional house. Some people wish to locate their tiny house in an area where provides do not provide services. These individuals are responsible for providing their own services. Many tiny homes might even use a combination of grid and off-grid services.

Standard Services

Standard hook-up are usually provided at RV parks or existing homes. When available, the standard hook-up is the easiest way to provide services to your tiny home. Water can be provided through an RV-grade hose. Power can be provided through an extension cord. The exact cord and plug would be need to be determined by an electrician. If there is an existing septic or access to city sewer on the property where the tiny house is being kept, you can splice into the existing sewer. The connection needs to be removable, similar to an RV. Internet and cable service are usually provided at most camp grounds and RV parks through a standard cable hook up.

Off-Grid Options

Rain water can be gathered and stored for use in your tiny house. There are many ways to increase the amount of rain water collected. If you don't plan to move your tiny house, a well could be installed for a considerable price.

Power is generated most commonly by the sun or the wind. The energy is harvested and then stored in banks until it is required. It is important to know how much energy you need to store based on how much you will use so you do not run out of power.

Waste water is more difficult and it depends on the source. Water from the shower or sink can be deposed of into the ground using a french drain as long as you are mindful to use biodegradable soaps. Water from the toilet cannot be dispose of in this manner. Many tiny house resident like to use a composting or incinerating toilet. If you don't plan to move your tiny house, a septic system could be installed for a considerable price.

Internet and Cable can be provided through wireless or satellite providers.

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